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Laminaatti Alberta Oak polar

Product code: 1018710

Alberta Oak polar

Surface: Grand Canyon - Aged and deeply brushed & R10 Slip-resistance class

Dimension: 11 x 193 x 1291 mm

1 pack = 1,4950 m²

WOODVISION bevel on 4 sides - the circumferential V-bevel emphasises the special character of the floorboards.

Usage class: 33 - for all residential applications with heavy use as well as commercial applications and public areas with heavy use.

Antistatic: the antistatic feature reduces the accumulation of electrostatic charges

Profile: UNIfit - glueless installation system

Suitable skirting for the product: (code) L245


hinta: 34.33 EUR/pack (22.96 EUR/m²)
1 pack = 1.495 m²
Laminaatti Alberta Oak polar
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