Ostukorv on tühi!


…… Yesterday . Today . Tomorrow . Thereafter


Thinking Green is just more then a trendy concept. No doubt we can re-use existing materials or use them in the right way and by doing so, trying to deliver an important contribution to the quality of our future environment. A better world for ourselves and our children is getting closer more than ever before.


MD-Entree is now introducing the new ECO Range alongside their usual Red Label Collection and is showing that a combination of ‘old and new’ is working very well together. A responsible look at a well known product, combined with stylish designs, Lifestyle make-up and practical properties … ‘a perfect MATch’!


Develop responsive and durable products in a better environment, that’s what MD-Entree is doing! Selecting materials and chosing methods of production reflects who we are and what we think. Recycled plastic bottles and tyres, non-toxyd dyes and natural materials are just examples of techniques we are using to make our Eco products.


Our green ECO label shows a positive message by stating the percentage of recycled materials used per product and should stimulate the consumers impulse purchase. Let’s try to maximize the impact of our message and minimize the impact on our environment!


Our future is today!