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Creatuft - the company

As a vertical manufacturer of woollen wall-to-wall carpets and rugs, we offer a wide variety of products an styles, from the traditional to 'state of the art' design. We work with top quality wools and other natural fibres ensuring comfort, durability and style. As well as our own extensive range to choose from, we do offer a bespoke service, where working with our own in house technical and design team we can engineer a product specially aimed at your particular market.
Each carpet carries the GUT quality label. This means that both, the production and the final product, are stricktly monitored by the Gemaeinschat umweltfreundlicher Teppichboden ( GUT).
This Eurpean monitoring mechanism works in close collaboration with all national federations and the Eurpean Carpet And Rug Association ( ECRA). The aim is to ensure the end user that the product has been manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner, and is free from harmful substances.
WOOL is an eco-friendly natural product that everyone appreciates for its comfort, durability and easy care properties.
On top its has the ability to insulate the room, to reduce noise pollution and to balance the humidity within a location. Add to this its non-slip, anti-static and flame proof characteristics and you have a very modern product

Wool carpet Alfa tufted


tufted carpets
We offer a large range of tufted carpets for both, the residential and contract market. We have a vast array of tufting options and fiber combinations, a wide spectrum of colours and structures, cut-pile and loop-pile, in various gauges, available from stock.
On most ranges we can offer 4 & 5 m wide carpets, with various backing options. We back all our carpets in house.
A large proportion of our range is also available in cut form. Having our own in-house spinner means we can react very quickly to changes in colour or fashion, or adapt to meet ous customer's individual market needs.


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