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Veneer parquet is durable, easy to install, and easy to maintain. Each veneer parquet board is of a unique design: a thin, high-quality wood veneer layer is glued to the sturdy and dense middle layer. Even though the boards are relatively thin, the three layers of the boards still form a strong and durable flooring. Veneer parquet is an ideal choice in the case of underfloor heating, as the structure of the flooring distributes heat evenly and the glue-free joints prevent formation of cracks. The dense middle layer ensures better heat conductivity.




Parquet Tarkett Viva

Special offer
Parquet Tarkett, Viva, Oak, 3-strip, Proteco lacquer
36.22 EUR/pack
19.58 EUR/m²
Special offer
Parquet Tarkett, Viva, Oak, 2-strip, Proteco Natura mat lacquer
34.90 EUR/pack
18.86 EUR/m²
Special offer
Parquet Tarkett, Viva, Walnut, 3-strip, Proteco Natura mat lacquer
43.10 EUR/pack
23.30 EUR/m²
Stock clearance
Tarkett Viva ash white 2-strip, mat lacquer
39.86 EUR/pack
21.55 EUR/m²
Stock clearance
Tarkett VIVA Oak 2-strip, Proteco lacquer
39.01 EUR/pack
21.09 EUR/pack

Parquet Tarkett Viva Line