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The new star of the home? Without doubt, it is the bathroom.

For some time now, architects and interior designers have also been aware of this.

Effepi, a company specialized in the manufacture of taps, has known it from the start, and has always worked towards its aim – to satisfy its customers by offering them experience, cutting-edge technology, quality materials and design in step with the latest trends. All designed to bring comfort, elegance and innovation to the bathroom.

Effepi’s roots lie in artisanal and family traditions, to which incessant innovation in matters of style, together with constant and careful technological up-dating, have been added over the years. A company that operates both in Italy and internationally, its crowning achievement is the winning combination of aesthetic taste and product reliability. A further determining factor is the meticulous attention to detail that makes every product with the Effepi name a unique, irreplaceable piece. The company also offers prompt delivery and great attention to customers’ needs, always making the greatest effort to satisfy their requirements and provide customization.

Nowadays, the bathroom is no longer a utility room, but one of primary importance, where wellbeing and emotions are the result of the harmony of lines and shapes. Effepi is able to meet all particular needs with its extensive collections, always ready to be renewed and in step with the latest trends. The exclusive tap and mixer lines designed and manufactured by Effepi are nothing less than interior decor accessories with which to plan and create the bathroom of your dreams.



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