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The company VISPOOL® developed and implemented for manufacture a unique technology MARMORYL®, which is the next more advanced step in the development of casting method in production of polymer ceramics.

Products under the trademark of VISPOOL®, manufactured using MARMORYL® technology, are products of the highest quality and come with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Products are made from natural marble crumbs using binding composite materials produced in Europe, exclusive enamels used in the manufacture of products are custom developed specially for VISPOOL®.

The use of MARMORYL® technology allows to achieve a great smoothness and density also reducing the number of air particles in a product. The particular technology in combination with extra quality enamels allows achieving a higher level of durability in products. This, in turn, makes it possible to provide a longstanding warranty on all items of our production. 

allows flexible implementation of individual needs of

each client – wide range of colours and an ability to

modify design, size and shape of products.




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