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Shower corner INFINIA 212+212


Product code: 212 RL MMMM


Room divider consists following products: Shower Wall Infinia 212, Shower Wall Infinia 212, Magnetic handle pair Infinia 913 and Room divider fitting set (stepless adjustment 0-100mm). Handles with magnetic seals widens 49mm shower walls that are installed against each other. Shower wall divider fitting set can be used to increase width 0-100mm. For example if shower wall dimensions are 565x1900 and 565x1900, they can be fitted against each other to the opening 1179-1279mm.


Height: 1900 

Measurement options for the product: 

Fixed side:  Moving side: 
700 700
750 750
800 800
850 850






Frame variations:

  • White painted
  • Bright anodized
  • Grey anodized
  • Black painted
Price: 640.00 EUR/pcs
Shower corner INFINIA 212+212
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