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Shower wall with turning part FENIC 314


Product code: 314 RL MMMM  


Shower wall with turning part suits well in space where there is a furniture next to shower. By choosing fixed part based on furniture depth, turning part does not collide with furniture. Fixed part is supported from the floor by glass holder (glue attachment) and water can run freely under the glass. Water thightness can be increased installing water seal under fixed and turning parts (standard equipment). Shower wall can be used as a single shower wall, or it can be installled as a shower corner or as a space divider with other Fenic 310 -series product. By using magnetic seals (optional equipment), products close tightly against each other.


Size variations  (please specify when ordering):
42, 52, 62, ..., 92
31, 41, 51, ..., 71


Frame variations  (please specify when ordering):

  • Bright anodized
  • Grey anodized

Glass variations

  • Transparent


Price: 450.00 EUR/pcs
Shower wall with turning part FENIC 314
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