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Fixed shower wall EXPRESS 811
220.00 EUR/pcs
Shower corner INFINIA 211+213
690.00 EUR/pcs
Shower corner INFINIA 212+212
640.00 EUR/pcs
Shower door EXPRESS 812
235.00 EUR/pcs
Shower door NEW EXPRESS 812
154.00 EUR/pcs
Shower wall NEW EXPRESS 831
116.00 EUR/pcs

Shower enclosures Roltechnik




Company Roltechnik has been founded in 1991 and belongs among the first companies in the region of Eastern Europe producing shower enclosures and sanitary ware. Currently the activity is spread into two production plants in Trebarov and Cervena Voda with a production and warehousing area of more than 16.000 square meters.

The key success aspects on domestic as well as on more than 20 export markets are duality of manufacturing, fast innovation cycles an individual client approach. These all are the basis of the strategy and thanks to them the Roltechnik brand is one of the most dynamically growing brands for shower enclosures, bath tubs and hydro massages in the region of Eastern Europe.

To ensure high level of services Roltechnik has established 2 daughter companies in Slovakia and Hungary. Organizing regular technical seminars in the company we try not only to present the technical advantages of our products but also to listen and realize wishes and needs of our customers.

The product range of the company offers solutions for every bathroom. In addition, the customer's requirements can be met by the application of non-standardized, i.e. tailored products. It goes without saying that during the development and manufacture of our products we pay attention to the environment. Great emphasis is placed on the implementation of modern quality management systems. Roltechnik holds quality and environmental management systems certificates according to international standards.



With ROLTECHNIK trade name the European quality that have been successful in the most demanding world's marketplaces will enter to your bathroom.


Nanoglass is a unique surface treatment for glass and glazed ceramics which prevents the build up of all kinds of impurities including limescale and smears. Glass and ceramics treated with Nanoglass have a high mechanical resistance to abrasion and strongly repel water and oily substances. The surface can also be cleaned very easily.

Nanoglass FOR FREE. The protective layer of Nanoglass 2nd is fitted as standard to all Roltechnik shower enclosures and steam cabins.


How does Nanoglass work? Surfaces without Nanoglass 2nd generation are a magnet for droplets of water which dissolve into a thin layer that dries out to leave a visible layer of limescale. Nanoglass 2nd generation forms

an inorganic molecular screen of nano-particles of glass which help to form droplets which then run off and do not dry on the walls. The screen lets air under the falling droplets, and the droplets form larger blobs that run off the surface. The walls therefore remain clean without the use of limescale removers. How to care for the modern technology? Initially it is enough just to rinse the surfaces with water after use. After longer use impurities from

the glass can be easily removed using normal detergents. Never use abrasive cleaning agents, wire wool, or

acid or alkaline based concentrates.


Characteristics of Nanoglass

• high mechanical resistance to abrasion nanoglass-eng

• high chemical stability

• does not effect the optical characteristics of the glass

• strongly repels water and oily substances

• resistant to UV radiation

• stable to a max. temperature of +450 °C


We have totally new cleaning set for the bathroom maitenance! New, inovative, easy to use, proffesional system for cleaning and protection of your shower enclosure, mirrors and glazed ceramics. With our cleaning set Nanoglass Complete Care you will easily remove all kinds of impurities including: limescale, soap and smears.

Unique set for shower enclosure cleaning.


Easy to use in 3 steps. Right usage=2 years of carefree.


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A shower from Gustavsberg will always be of the highest quality in terms of design and function. Our wide range will provide a shower that suits you and your family. Gustavsberg offers showers with sliding doors or swing doors, as well as shower cabinets. Gustavsberg's wall and floor profiles constitute the skeleton of the shower. They are adjustable, which means that the shower will be straight even if the floor or walls are not. Our shower cabinets are a good solution if your bathroom floor is sensitive to water. Regardless of your bathroom, we have a shower that suits it.