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Sanitary ceramics


Toilet bowls and washbasins Villeroy & Boch





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Special offer
Bidet wall-mounted Villeroy & Boch Subway 2.0
335.00 EUR/pcs
Special offer
Toilet Wall Hung Villeroy & Boch O.Novo
215.00 EUR/pcs
Special offer
Toilet wall-mounted Villeroy & Boch ARCHITECTURA
245.00 EUR/pcs
Special offer
Toilet wall-mounted Villeroy & Boch AVENTO
426.72 EUR/pcs
Special offer
Washbasin Villeroy & Boch Avento
333.00 EUR/pcs
Special offer
Washbasin Villeroy & Boch O.novo
58.99 EUR/pcs

Toilet bowls and washbasins Duravit

The tradition of the Duravit brand

Even a company that has set great precedents with its centuries of tradition once “started small”.

It all began in Hornberg, Germany in 1817 when Georg Friedrich Horn built an earthenware factory initially focused solely on the manufacture of crockery. In 1956, production evolved from earthenware to porcelain, extending the product range to include sanitary ceramics. This provided a platform for future success and also introduced the sanitary world to a new name: Duravit. Today, Duravit AG operates at an international level and boasts 12 production plants with a workforce of more than 5975 employees worldwide.

“Hand made” quality assurance

Even though we are living in an era of high-tech and automation, when it comes to products with such a high claim to design and function, quality still highly depends on human skill. Duravit continues to maintain a great deal of craftsmanship to ensure this high standard. This applies to the manufacturing of ceramic as well as to all other production areas at Duravit.

Product range

Sanitary ceramics, bathroom furniture, shower trays and baths, well-being systems, as well as shower toilets, saunas and accessoires.

Toilet bowls and washbasins Laufen

Toilet bowls and washbasins Ifö

Special offer
Washbasin Ifö Inspira
69.98 EUR/pcs

Toilet bowls and washbasins Gustavsberg



Toilets must be easy to keep clean, look fresh and last for long. This is why Gustavsberg has chosen to dedicate great amount of time and energy to develop smart solutions, high quality porcelain and attractive design. There is a range of toilets to choose from, regardless of your preferences and the way your bathroom looks. Regardless if you prioritise a luxurious feeling or function, Gustavsberg has a toilet that suits you and your bathroom.


Bathroom basins

All of Gustavsberg's bathroom sinks share their high quality porcelain in common. A good sink must be easy to clean, functional and durable. The design is also important, so that the bathroom is customised to your taste. Regardless of your bathroom's design and your aesthetic preferences you will always be able to choose from a large range of models and sizes. At Gustavsberg we distinguish between smaller sinks that are narrower than 50 cm and larger ones that exceed 50 cm. Gustavsberg's sinks have been designed for extra function and the sleek and elegant lines of the porcelain make cleaning easier. Find out more about our bathroom sinks below. At the bottom of this page you will find other products that belong to this area, such as sinks for countertops, accessories for sinks etc.

Special offer
Toilet Gustavsberg Nautic with seat
264.87 EUR/pcs

Toilets and washbasins Ceramica Olympia






Olympia Ceramica offers modular concepts, mixing ceramic elements and furniture, to design refined, classical and contemporary bathrooms with style and personality.
The complete and ergonomic solutions of Olympia Ceramica propose a charming aesthetic, without forgetting the functionality and saving cost, giving the same prestige to the product shape and as to its meaning.


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Olympia Ceramica has always been aware of the environment and for this reason it created "Water is life project", becoming an example in the market and emphasizing how the sanitaryware can help the environment friendly and clever water consumation without losing the high aesthetic and technical quality.



Well-being, attitude and performance: Olympia Ceramica presents the best of Italian design linked to the water, through the creativity and handcrafted work.





Toilet bowls and washbasins Gala


Gala has been offering excellent solutions for the bathroom with a personal and distinguishing style for more than 40 years. Cerámicas Gala has based its progress on the principles of quality, design and productivity, becoming one of the leading companies in the sector.





Collections >>>

Toilet bowls and washbasins Gala Klea


Special offer
Countertop wash-basin Klea
349.00 EUR/pcs
Special offer
Countertop wash-basin Klea
449.00 EUR/pcs
Free standing bidet Klea
175.00 EUR/pcs
Wc with cistern Klea
479.00 EUR/pcs

Gala Emma / Emma Square


Toilet bowls Kohler

Kohler is a high-quality American manufacturer, which offers a wide selection of various classic and modern toilet bowls. In addition to the regular floor and wall mounted toilet bowls, it is also possible to order intelligent, self-cleaning toilet bowls with lighting and a stereo system, which is also equipped with the bidet foundation and is remotely controlled. The bowl has a heated cover as well as the feet warming function.







KOHLER toilets >>>

Basins Kohler


The basin selection of Kohler includes a very special ceramic, glass, marble, stainless steel, cast iron, or bronze solution even for the most demanding customer. The basins are real pieces of art.











KOHLER basin collections >>>

Washbasins PAA

Special offer
Washbasin PAA AMORE cast stone
319.50 EUR
Special offer
Washbasin PAA BETA cast stone 1001-1500 mm
360.00 EUR/pcs
Special offer
Washbasin PAA BETA cast stone 1501-2000 mm
396.00 EUR/pcs
Special offer
Washbasin PAA BETA cast stone 800-1000 mm
256.50 EUR
Special offer
Washbasin PAA DELTA cast stone 600 mm
148.50 EUR/pcs
Special offer
Washbasin PAA DO silkstone on-top washbasin
108.00 EUR/pcs
Special offer
Washbasin PAA LONG STEP 1000 cast stone
265.50 EUR
Special offer
Washbasin PAA LONG STEP 1500 cast stone
360.00 EUR
Special offer
Washbasin PAA LONG STEP 1500 cast stone left
360.00 EUR
Special offer
Washbasin PAA LONG STEP 1500 cast stone right
360.00 EUR
Special offer
Washbasin PAA LONG STEP 700 cast stone
220.50 EUR
Special offer
Washbasin PAA MINI SAMBA cast stone sink
157.50 EUR/pcs
Special offer
Washbasin PAA MINI STEP cast stone sink
121.50 EUR/pcs
Special offer
Washbasin PAA SAMBA cast stone sink
193.50 EUR
Special offer
Washbasin PAA STEP cast stone sink
202.50 EUR
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