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Parquet Tarkett Atelier


ATELIER parquet.


Its natural beauty, durability, and other features make wood parquet a suitable choice for residential buildings, hotels, as well as for exclusive restaurants. The luxurious, oaken collection of ATELIER was created to offer interesting combinations of surface treatment and finishing methods. The parquets of Tarkett are made in Europe and are stable enough to on suit for the variable European seasons, which is caused by changing of the seasons. All parquets of the ATELIER collection are Cardle To Cardle-certified, which means that the product can be recycled and reused after using. The Tarkett parquets are an environment-friendly choice!



Tarkett parquet magazine


Tarkett parquet grading book


Tarkett parquet floating installation


Tarkett parquet glue down installation


Tarkett parquet maintenance harwax oil


Tarkett parquet maintenance lacquer 


Tarkett parquet datasheet


Special offer
Parquet Tarkett, Noble, Oak Retro, basket weave, Proteco Lacquer
193.56 EUR/pack
82.72 EUR/m²
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