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NAVYLAM wooden floors for wet areas


The Birman teak boat deck was initially used to cover decks, protective edges, and hatch openings in shipbuilding. Teak is a type of a wood of an oily texture, which is highly water- and moisture-resistant. Teak is also fire-proof and resistant to heat and temperature fluctuations, which is why the teak boat deck can be successfully used for sauna flooring.

Today, ship deck is widely used in bathrooms, pool rooms, as well as in living quarters. In addition to the popular teak, the similar Iroko, African teak or Mutenye, the darker Wenge, the yellowish Acacia, and the reddish Doussie are also used.

The selection of Kodustuudio includes NAVYLAM and NAVYLAM+ boat decks. NAVILAM products are delivered raw and after gluing of the product on the floor, the joints must be filled with mastics and the floor must be sanded and oiled after drying of the joint filling. In the case of the NAVYLAM+ series, the boards are equipped with mastics joint filling and the boards are oiled at the factory. This solution is considerably easier and quicker to install and the cost of the installation works should be several times lower.



Stock product
Iroko laevatekk niisketesse ruumidesse
59.99 EUR/pack
59.99 EUR/m²
Navylam Acacia for bathrooms
91.00 EUR/pack
91.00 EUR/m²
Navylam Doussie for bathrooms
93.80 EUR/pack
93.80 EUR/m²
Navylam Mutenye for bathrooms
74.20 EUR/pack
74.20 EUR/m²
Stock product
Navylam Teak for bathrooms
69.99 EUR/pack
69.99 EUR/m²
Navylam Wenge for bathrooms
110.60 EUR/pack
110.60 EUR/m²