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Using natural stone in construction works or in the interior design of one’s home is a valuable, long-lasting investment. Every single stone is unique. Every line and pattern has been pressed into the stone by the nature in the course of a long transformation process and you can be sure that no two stones in the world are identical. Natural stones help to create high-quality and beautiful living environments, which are also unique thanks to the special nature of natural stones.

Natural stone L´Antic Colonial

L’ANTIC COLONIAL was created in order to meet the demand for traditional and handcrafted ceramic tiles, characterised by their matchless beauty and warmth.


This company has traditionally held a special place in the Group thanks to its natural, exclusive products: terracotta, slate and marble featuring tumbled, satin or polished finishes in a countless number of formats. In addition, its selection of accessories, washbasins, vanity tops and mosaic tiles make it possible to create integral projects with the hallmark warmth that characterises handcrafted products.




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Natural stone Petra Antiqua


Petra Antiqua is a natural stone factory located in Italy, which manufactures various types of natural stones of very different finishing and patterns. The production of Petra Antiqua will be a real piece of art in your bathroom, kitchen, or in the living quarters.



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Natural Stone Mosaics