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Natural linoleum




DLW Linoleum. The natural flooring classic.

The classical flooring is the natural solution in our range of floor coverings: DLW Linoleum consists almost entirely of renewable raw materials - which makes this simple floor covering particularly environmentally friendly. The varied designs and delightful colours give DLW Linoleum an attractive appearance which fits perfectly into any setting. With DLW Linoleum you can count on contemporary and sustainable floor covering that is "Made in Germany".

  • 98 % organic or mineral-based raw materials

  • 80 % renewable: Linseed oil , natural resins, wood and cork powder, jute

  • fulfils the requirements of the most important environment certificates

  • over 100 attractive colours and designs

  • has won renowned Design Awards

  • antibacterial and particularly low-maintenance

  • ideal in the health and education sectors, for example

  • feels pleasantly warm to the feet and pleasant to touch


Armstrong Marmorette LPX linoleum

Armstrong Marmorette LPX Linoleum


Armstrong Marmorette Acoustic LPX linoleum

Armstrong Marmorette AcousticPlus LPX linoleum



Marmorette AcousticPlus LPX Sound absorbing at its best! Armstrong has developed a new DLW linoleum flooring that ensures a sound reduction of 17 dB. High-quality sound absorbing flooring presents a cost-effective supplement to sound-insulating concrete slabs and floating screed.

The Marmorette AcousticPlus with 4.0 mm thickness consists of a 2.5 mm Marmorette with a jute backing laminated onto a 1.5 mm PU foam backing. This finely structured, non-directional and evenly marbled flooring is available in 12 attractive colors.



Armstrong Granette PUR linoleum

Armstrong Colorette PUR linoleum

Armstrong Lino Art LPX linoleum

Armstrong Lino Art Star LPX linoleum

Armstrong Uni Walton LPX linoleum

Uni Walton LPX

No-compromise aesthetics! The classic floor covering in the DLW Linoleum portfolio: simple yet incredibly elegant.
This linoleum floor covering for purists interprets the tried and tested shades of the classic palette with 14 unique monochrome shades. This selection is rounded off by a cold and a warm range of greys, beginning with an incomparably light shade of grey, which finds its counterpoint in a deep, luxurious black. The qualities: sheet flooring 2.5 mm and 3.2 mm thick, each with LPX surface protection.

Armstrong Linodur LPX linoleum

Linodur LPX 
When the going gets tough... Hardly anything can get the better of this linoleum floor covering with its directional pattern.

The toughest quality in the DLW Linoleum portfolio stands out with nine bright and cheerful shades. Its robust design, even taking forklift trucks in its stride, makes it the ideal floor covering at industrial sites, as well as for buildings with heavy traffic. And Linodur LCH is also the right choice when there are high requirements on electrical conductivity. The qualities: sheet flooring 4 mm thick with LPX surface finish. The Camouflage weld rod with an optimum invisible effect is also available in all shades.

Armstrong Linodur LCH LPX linoleum

Linodur LCH LPX

Unbeatably safe! The tough DLW Linoleum with increased conductivity.

Developed for a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications in which a maximum electrical resistance to earth of 1 x 10 cube 8 ohms has to be fulfilled. Linodur LCH fulfils the requirements for local transfer resistance in accordance with VDE 0100. The quality: sheet flooring in 4 mm width with LPX Finish.

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