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Mosaic parquet Oak Gestreift parallel pattern

Category: Mosaic parquet

Mosaic parquet Oak Gestreift parallel pattern.


Measure: 8x23x160mm(singel plank) the planks are inseted in to the pattern on the net.

Finishing: unfinished


Parquet is suitable for under-floor heating (except infrared!). Its nessacary to glue the parquet on underfloor. Suitable underfloors are plywood, OSB or concrete underfloors. Mosaic Parquet is possible to sand and finish up to 6-8 times so its a longlasting solution.


Suitable adhesives depending from underfloor you may find HERE!

Its nessecary to finish the parquet with oil, oilwax or lacquer. Our selection of finishing materials you may find HERE!


Sale: 79.95 EUR/pack (19.50 EUR/m²)
Price: 95.00 EUR/pack
1 pack = 4.1 m²
Special offer
Mosaic parquet Oak Gestreift parallel pattern
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