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Laminate Quick-Step LARGO WHITE VINTAGE OAK, PLANKS 1-strip


Product code: LPU1285

Measure: 205 x 20.5 cm

Thickness: 9.5 mm

Package: 2.5215 m2 (6 planks) 

Usage class: 32

Suitable for under-floor heating (except infrared!)

Quick-Step Laminate floors are fitted with an ultra-protective ‘Scratch Guard’ layer. 


Installing a Quick-Step laminate floor is a breeze thanks to the patented Uniclic click systems. It allows you to quickly and easily install your Quick-Step floor without damaging the planks. You can even re-fit your floor afterwards.



Quick-Step laminate floors have a water-resistant glued base plate along with a unique, ‘pretensioned’ click system. As a result, they offer excellent protection against surface moisture, such as spilled drinks, for example.

Price: 75.60 EUR/pack (29.98 EUR/m²)
1 pack = 2.5215 m²
Laminate Quick-Step LARGO WHITE VINTAGE OAK, PLANKS 1-strip
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