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Solid oak country floorboards, beveled 4 sides, sanded, unfinished

Category: Hardwood floors


Solid oak country floorboards, beveled 4 sides, sanded, unfinished.


Product code: PÕLATACO16X100

Dimensions: 16x100x400-1200mm

Finish: sanded, unfinished

Installation: gluing to the subfloor


Country sorting description- a very lively grading with strong color and structural differences. Big healthy knots occur in this range, along with block knots, filled cracks and occasionally sapwood which gives the wooden floors in this range a certain warmth. Permitted: Knots up to 100 mm | Lightning shake I Rays I Cracks I Bark pockets Distinctive Characteristic: Sapwood can occur


Current solid floor planks are entirely from oak wood, the edges of the floor planks are from 4 sides beveled, the broken knots and cracks are filled with filler and the boards are sanded. The floor is ready for finishing.  Solid floorboards can be sanded up to 10 times, depending on its thickness. The product is suitable for installation on plywood/OSB or concrete using the gluing method. Check out the appropriate adhesives for installing the floorboards depending on the type of subfloor HERE! The product is suitable for use in most types of underfloor heating (in the case of infrared heating, check suitability from the supplier of the heating solution).

Sale: 45.75 EUR/m²
Price: 68.75 EUR/m²
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Solid oak country floorboards, beveled 4 sides, sanded, unfinished
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