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Drains Unidrain

In 2003, unidrain® became the first company in the world to develop a line drain that is placed against the wall, and thereby put paid to the square grate in the middle of the floor. Since the launch, architects, experts and others with a sense of interior decoration and design have been enthusiastic about unidrain®’s simple and beautiful design.

The idea behind unidrain® is simple. The floor drain is moved against the wall in a waterproof connection – and this is where the art lies. Throughout many years of working with bathroom renovations, designer Claus Dyre encountered the same problem again and again: having to cut up a beautiful tile floor to make room for the floor drain. In collaboration with the Danish Building Research Institute, he designed an oblong floor drain with a gradient in one direction that could be elegantly fitted away from the shower’s tread space. At the same time, he developed an integrated wall flange that would ensure a completely tight fitting.




Drains Aco


ACO Grupp is a leading global indoor and outdoor drainage system manufacturer and seller. The systems of Aco can be used by many different installations, such as industrial kitchens, restaurants, food industries, car parks, terminals, retail sale establishments, roads, viaducts, residential premises, hotels, airports, and ports.


ACO Showerdrain is an innovative and improved, single-level shower solution, which can be used in various buildings, such as residential premises, hotels, bathing establishments, and hospitals.

The drains are especially valued by those who set high requirements for style, functionality, and performance. The shower drains are characterized by their straight lines and high-quality materials. The selection includes a wide variety of stainless steel grates and glass covers.


Shower channel Viega

The Viega Advantix Vario shower drain is available as standard in a length of 120 centimetres. If required, it can be shortened to a length of 30 centimetres. A connector, a corner connector and an end cap make countless new designs possible. All components have a leg length of 20 centimetres and can be combined with the shower drain by simply inserting and screwing.







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