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Terrace from Sib Larch



Siberian larch terrace boards
Due to its density and the rich tar and resin content, Siberian larch (Larix Sibirica) is a highly durable material for outdoor conditions, even without further finishing. Siberian larch is a sturdy and dense wood. The average density on the wood at the moister content of 12% is 665 (620-725) kg/m3. The specific density of raw wood is 900-1,100 kg/m3. Siberian larch is among the best types of wood from the perspective of weather-resistance. The great durability of the wood arises from its special resin content and, thanks to the weather conditions which the larch has grown in, the resin is distributed evenly between the fibres in the wood and functions as an antiseptic, i.e., protects the material from moisture and pests. Larch is more moisture resistance than oak or ash and several times more moisture-resistant than pine. The durability and density of larch only increase in time.


In Europe, larch is commonly used for terraces, external structures of buildings, and for façade covering. It is almost irreplaceable in the conditions where it is necessary to weatherproof the wood without using chemicals (e.g., in the case of children’s playgrounds.) Larch is also used to build boat decks. A good example of how larch has been used in the past is the fact the city of Venice was built on larch poles.



Terrace boards from Thermo Ash

Thermal ash terrace boards


Processing of ash at temperatures exceeding 200°C make the main characteristics of the wood similar to those of tropical wood species. No chemicals are used in the processing. This makes thermally processed ash terraces nature- and health-friendly, especially compared to the regular impregnated wood terrace boards.


All raw material is purchased from Northern America, where a high level of responsibility is exhibited in forest management. Therefore, thermal ash terraces are considerably more environment-friendly than the products, which are made of wood from tropical rainforests.


The main characteristics of thermally processed oak, which make it suitable for outdoor conditions, are:
* durability class (certified by the Italian laboratory Catas)
* hard surface and elasticity
* low balance moisture content
* very high dimensional stability
* beautiful, dark brown colour
* sturdy and expressive texture


Some technical aspects about thermal ash terraces:
* installable by visible as well as concealed screws
* terrace board lengths from 900 to up to 3,600 mm (at the interval of 300mm)
* one side (upper) defect-free
* no splits in the ends of the boards




Terrace from exotic wood species

The exotic wood terrace boards are weather-proof and durable. The high density and durability also makes the material a good choice for public use. Outdoor pools, roof terraces, restaurants, or other places for spending free time - sturdy floorings are required where ever people gather outdoors and, in such cases, exotic wood floor boards are an ideal choice.


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