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Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom Furniture Gala

We extend a warm welcome to the wide variety of professionals in the bathroom industry who have trusted Gala for the last 50 years to offer solutions that satisfy even the most demanding customer. We present our range of products that are manufactured to comply with the regulations of the quality standard ISO 9001, and developed with the latest generation technology that allows us to incorporate a water saving system into our products. We want to make all means available to you to enable you to bring the product closer to the customer, whether through print media or via our website and social networks, where you can access different sections or have the technical information plans at your fingertips. In our pages you will find all the information you need to meet different style and design requirements in accordance with market trends.



Bathroom furniture Ambiance Bain




There is no creation without memory. The works of the past are scattered along the river of time. Creating true quality requires observation and understanding of the history of a brand whilst bringing it into the modern world. It means captivating the gesture, the shape, the colour, the expertise of craftsmen who have honed their skills over many generations, never rejecting the lessons of an earlier time. True craftsmanship is as rare as is the innovative idea. These extraordinary objects that we produce age well. This is why the area of France in which we are based has long been recognised for the manufacturing of fine furniture.


…et Aujourd'hui

The values we transmit are those of our parents and those we will pass on to our children. We have been passionate about furniture manufacturing for three generations. A single fully involved family, without shareholders; this is our absolute singularity. We are now making plans for the next 20 years for our successors. We are always looking to improve design, accuracy, quality and service levels. This is what has established our credibility and reputation over the last half century. This is how we stand the test of time, not just that of the present but also that of the future.


SMO™ Synthetic Resin is an exclusive material made from a mixture of natural stone, polyester resin and an antibacterial surface gel coat. Not only does it meet all the sanitary constraints in the bathroom, it also enables us to make all types of shapes in a large colour range.







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Bathroom furniture Artesi


Was born in 1990 in Sacile (PN), an area plenty of tradition in the furniture field, with the mission to produce and sell furniture 100% made in Italy. A company able to marry tradition and experience together, paying attention to new trends; it distinguishes itself for the quality of the materials and for the control on manufacturing processes, which are certified and comply with precise norms for the conservation of the environment and energy saving. Ergonomics and design have inspired the bathroom concept that Artesi proposes both to Italian and foreign markets, thanks to its technical know-how and to the constant search for new shapes and trends.

Artesi proposals are the result of a scrupulous valuation of final customers' needs, well knowing that they are looking for furniture combining both quality and functionality and granting moreover constant performances in the years. Artesi creativity ranges from classical to design, from minimalist to sophisticated style, allowing to personalize every proposal with a wide finish range. Whatever style they represent, Artesi solutions transform the bathroom in an exclusive ambience with undisputed appeal.




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Bathroom furniture Ardeco


Ardeco has been producing bathroom furnishings since 1993 and it is headquartered in Vigonovo di Fontanafredda: this is traditionally a furniture manufacturing area which is part of the "Alto Livenza" district.


Over the years, Ardeco has expanded its product range, where both the design and manufacturing processes have become increasingly sophisticated, using certified materials that have enabled the company to retain superior quality standards which are vital traits of any respectable product "Made in Italy". Ardeco is a brand to watch out for on a national and indeed an international scale, visible on the market and forever present in the best interior design magazines thanks to a spot-on advertising campaign.



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Bathroom furniture Idistudio


Bathroom furniture IDI Studio



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Bathroom furniture Eban






Eban interprets the classical style of Italian furniture with a modern angle, to renew the craft tradition and meet its clients' needs. It offers a wide selection of products enriched with a broad range of accessories, for a practical and functional use of the bathroom.





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Bathroom Furniture GEROMIN


Hafro Geromin was over 60 years of experience in bathroom furniture production. The bathroom

furniture of Hafro is the fruit of modern Italian design and a combination of innovative materials.



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